Tackling Japan – Update

Follow my journey to the Rugby World Cup in Japan, this September.

So along with the Vlogs I’ve been doing on instagram (www.instagram.com/tacklingjapan) I thought I should also do an update for the site so you can follow along to see how I’m doing.

From what started as just an idea to head to Japan for the World Cup. Has now turned into a full 6 week trip with the mission to meet & interact with as many fan’s of all different nations, filming it as I go for an after movie to be released on FAB’s youtube.

I have booked my flights, but haven’t been able to sort any tickets yet as they are not released until this Saturday at 1am. Once I see what tickets I can get hold of I will work on sorting my accommodation. The plan is to rent an apartment for 6 week’s through Air BnB and travel to games from there, arranging additional hotel options if i’m unable to travel back after a late game.

As part of my journey I decided It would be great to try and learn some of the language as well as get a better understanding of the culture before I head out there. It’s been a really fun but challenging start but It has given me more confidence that Ill be ok out there 😂

If you want to follow along with my journey head over to the @tacklingjapan Instagram and click on IGTV on the profile page.